Protecting the Environment

People always loved books, from the early ages. Books were handed from one generation to the next and were stored for centuries. Writers has always been role models for millions of fans. Books’ plots engage your imagination and distract from reality, and this reality is moving towards the newest computer technologies with the near-sonic speed.

Experts say that annual world consumption of paper products reaches 400 mln tons in 2010. About 140 bln m3 of water, 800 bln kW/hour of electricity and more than 2 bln m3 of trees has to be used to produce this volume of books! Just imagine how many woods, rivers and lakes should be destroyed for that!

Taking into consideration global climate change, our company took a decision to join those responsible for envirnomental sustainability of our planet.

We manufacture envirnomentally friendly devices that use electronic paper (e-Ink) technology, making reading e-books as comfortable as plain paper books, and preventing cutting trees, thus saving our planet’s natural resources.