KidRead by PocketBook – A new “kid mode” approach for mobile devices

6 Septembre 2013

PocketBook – world’s 4-th largest E Ink readers manufacturer and Android tablets producer presents a new service called “KidRead”. Kidread offers a convenient tool to regulate and utilize children’s activities on mobile devices.While technology has improved our lives, we are becoming more and more dependent upon it and less able to control its flow. That’s why it is of high importance to be sure that the apps installed at our devices are safe for our children and useful for their development. KidRead – the new service from PocketBook helps to achieve that goal.

KidRead provides a convenient children desktop/mode to any device that can be controlled via parental control modern tools.

The application allows:

  • • App usage control. KidRead provides a separate desktop for each child on mobile devices (Android 4.0 and next).
  • • Flexible motivation system. Parents can divide apps into 3 groups: educational, neutral, entertaining. Each group can have -5 to +5 points to be added/subtracted from kid’s total score.

• Detailed reports/statistics for each child. KidRead provides the opportunity to analyze child activities on a mobile device and generates daily, weekly and monthly reports that can be accessed through a private account via (reports can be set to be automatically sent to an e-mail address as well).

“Home Reading” a part of KidRead service – is an app that can  easily download  school materials on mobile devices as well as rate/test kid’s knowledge of the subjects being read.

KidRead will soon be available on all PocketBook tablets. PocketBook devices provide a mix of sophisticated style, quality and functionality. On purchasing any PocketBook tablet with KidRead, the user gets a modern multimedia device for the whole family, which also contributes to their children’s development.

KidRead service is now available at, a free Android application is downloadable from Google Play market.