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Fresh updates, a wide range of additional programs allows PocketBook to work on you. Such nice little things, like games or dictionaries, makes your PocketBook more comfortable.


Dictionary converter

(zip, 64.27 КB)

Dahl dictionary

(dic, 9.02 MB)

Book collection

(zip, 3.27 MB)

(zip, 12.22 MB)

(zip, 3.56 MB)

(zip, 4.51 MB)

(zip, 4.94 MB)

(zip, 5.90 MB)

(zip, 1.10 MB)

(zip, 46.67 MB)

(zip, 23.11 MB)

(zip, 6.69 MB)

(zip, 22.18 MB)

(zip, 3.85 MB)

(zip, 3.84 MB)

(zip, 4.91 MB)

(zip, 1.35 MB)

(zip, 138.36 MB)

(zip, 3.24 MB)

(zip, 3.19 MB)

(zip, 24.64 MB)

Text to speech

Danish Mads

(pbi, 584.26 MB)

Danish Naja

(pbi, 530.26 MB)

Dutch Lotte

(pbi, 405.98 MB)

Dutch Ruben

(pbi, 356.62 MB)

English (American) Eric

(pbi, 411.07 MB)

English (American) Ivy

(pbi, 354.16 MB)

English (American) Joey

(pbi, 374.17 MB)

English (American) Salli

(pbi, 365.40 MB)

English (British) Amy

(pbi, 359.89 MB)

English (British) Brian

(pbi, 380.82 MB)

English (British) Emma

(pbi, 349.99 MB)

English (Indian) Raveena

(pbi, 377.19 MB)

English (Welsh) Geraint

(pbi, 340.34 MB)

English (Welsh) Gwyneth

(pbi, 385.72 MB)

French Celine

(pbi, 327.84 MB)

French Mathieu

(pbi, 348.71 MB)

German Hans

(pbi, 334.60 MB)

German Marlene

(pbi, 356.89 MB)

Icelandic Dora

(pbi, 554.46 MB)

Icelandic Karl

(pbi, 610.96 MB)

Italian Carla

(pbi, 367.85 MB)

Italian Giorgio

(pbi, 339.60 MB)

Norwegian Liv

(pbi, 490.17 MB)

Polish Agnieszka

(pbi, 403.74 MB)

Polish Ewa

(pbi, 136.43 MB)

Polish Jacek

(pbi, 79.81 MB)

Polish Jan

(pbi, 79.98 MB)

Polish Maja

(pbi, 136.50 MB)

Portuguese Cristiano

(pbi, 411.12 MB)

Portuguese Ines

(pbi, 364.95 MB)

Romanian Carmen

(pbi, 79.99 MB)

Russian Maxim

(pbi, 504.47 MB)

Russian Tatyana

(pbi, 442.20 MB)

Swedish Astrid

(pbi, 501.36 MB)

Turkish Filiz

(pbi, 432.87 MB)

Welsh Geraint

(pbi, 432.23 MB)

Welsh Gwyneth

(pbi, 462.29 MB)

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