About us


  • PocketBook
  • PocketBook is the world’s 3rd largest manufacturer of premium electronic readers based on the E Ink (“electronic paper”) technology.
  • The PocketBook Company was founded in 2007, headquartered in Lugano (Switzerland), and today, its products are sold in 35 countries.
  • PocketBook’s single-minded team of experts crafts exclusive products of the finest quality, pursuing excellence in every aspect and anticipating all possible needs of the modern reader.

Determined to create the best possible products, the company has integrated a number of business components, specializing in various aspects of the development and maintenance of the devices, as well as the development of unique software for the devices and creation of an online platform facilitating the search for the best e-content.

  • Obreey Products
  • Part of the Pocketbook group of companies, Obreey Products is in charge of developing the hardware and software for PocketBook devices. The in-house R&D department provides a comprehensive approach to implementing the company’s main mission: creating the best products for a better life. Assembly of the devices takes place on specially designated production lines at world-famous factories such as Foxconn, Wisky and Yitoa, and each device undergoes a triple quality control check by experts from the quality assurance office of PocketBook Technology Co., Ltd (Shenzhen, China).

An industry leader, the company provides the best warranty and after-warranty service. Presently, 130 PocketBook service centers operate worldwide. Committed to customer satisfaction, PocketBook Company provides exclusive warranty on all of its devices.

In fulfilling its mission, the company has launched three ambitious project aimed at promoting readership: the BookLand electronic content store, the ReadRate search and advisory service and the unique KidRead application, designed to involve children in reading, as well as enable monitoring and testing of their literary knowledge.

  • Red Dot Design Award
  • To date, PocketBook Company has introduced over 50 models of electronic E Ink readers and media tablets on the world market, pioneering a number of innovations in the field of e-reading, which have garnered prestigious international awards. All in all, PocketBook Company holds 20 prestigious international awards, including a highly sought-after international Red Dot Design Award.