PocketBook Sense with KENZO cover gets wide recognition

20 January 2015

The independent German IT Media - claims PocketBook Sense with KENZO cover to be a «Very Good» e-reader according to results of experts’ testing.

Over the last month and a half German audience had a chance to evaluate the new premium E Ink e-reader equipped with a smart frontlight sensor which comes along with a sophisticated accessory - KENZO cover.

The - German multimedia portal, which specializes in e-reading to help end-users find the most suitable e-readers for them. PocketBook Sense has received 5 stars as the results of editorial review and additional 5 stars with customers’ rating which make a general “Very Good” score.

The experts admired discreet design, great display, well-balanced soft frontlight with adjustment sensor, convenient control buttons and preinstalled ABBYY Lingvo dictionaries. According to the experts, this mix of unique features make PocketBook Sense with KENZO cover “more than an e-book reader, but almost a multimedia device”.

Check yourself the unique quality of PocketBook Sense with KENZO cover – a perfect device which combines well-established traditions of quality with the modern features for comfortable e-reading.