PocketBook Comfort 6" (Black)

Material: PU  leather  imitation

Dimensions: 180 х 122 х 20 mm

Weight: 120 g

Colour: Black


The elegant PocketBook Comfort 6" cover is made in book binding format. The angled fasteners securely fix the device while built-in magnets prevent accidental opening of the cover. The cover is manufactured using durable material with a matte, velvety surface resistant to scratches as well as stains of fingerprints. The 6” Comfort cover supports the smart sleep function which helps to significantly save battery charge.


Compatibility: PocketBook Touch HD 2, PocketBook Touch HD, PocketBook Basic 3, PocketBook Basic 2, PocketBook Basic Lux, PocketBook Basic Touch 2, PocketBook Basic Touch, PocketBook Touch Lux 3, PocketBook Touch Lux 2, PocketBook Aqua 2

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