Update for PocketBook InkPad 3: new capabilities of your e-reader

18 July 2019

PocketBook has prepared a real gift for all owners of the PocketBook InkPad 3 e-reader – a new firmware version 5.20.1010. The latest update simplifies operation with notes, creates new synchronization options via PocketBook Cloud, and expands the device’ arsenal with two new book formats – CBR and CBZ.

PocketBook InkPad 3 is one of the company’ flagship products, which takes e-reading to a new level of comfort. The large 7.8 inch HD screen with E Ink technology is close to a regular book page as much as possible. A new version of the firmware will make your e-reader even smarter.

We present the essential updates that will persuade you to install new software:

  • New book formats CBR and CBZ allow you to read comics on your PocketBook InkPad 3.
  • Notes application for convenient work with notes: view, edit, add comments, transfer to other devices. In addition, all your records are now stored in one place to simplify the search of them.
  • The new feature provides a disable of the touchscreen option. The function helps to prevent accidental tapping on the screen and saves battery power.
  • PocketBook Cloud service now synchronizes not only your books but also bookmarks and notes.
  • Pencil notes mode was improved. Now you can change the pencil thickness, manage different pencil notes on one page, add comments to pencil notes, etc.
  • The boot process has been optimized: e-reader turns on faster.
  • Book sorting process in some languages is set up more appropriately.
  • Thanks to improvements of the file system scanner, book covers in the DjVu format are now displayed both in the book card and on the desktop.

We eager to make your reading process as comfortable as possible so don’t forget to update PocketBook InkPad 3 and discover the new features of your favorite reader.