PocketBook Touch (Limited edition) - a modern reading masterpiece

18 November 2013

PocketBook now presents its new high-end PocketBook Touch Lux (Limited edition), created to be admired.

As diamonds need the precise gem-cutting, and genius thoughts need the frame of beautiful words, the great books need excellent embodiment.

The real masterpiece - PocketBook Touch Lux (Limited edition) is a new version of a popular PocketBook Touch Lux –  flagship e-reader, the owner of numerous awards, the winner of independent European Tablet PC magazine testing. 

PocketBook Touch Lux (Limited edition) will open a new page in the history of e-reading and surpass all wildest expectations. Familiar comfort of Pearl HD multi-sensor display with frontlight is now combined with a unique design. The reader supports more than 20 popular text and graphic formats, offers 47 useful preinstalled dictionaries and 4GB of internal memory.

PocketBook Touch Lux (Limited edition) in an elegant wooden gift-box with a flip-cover made of soft leather is a great present for those who appreciate luxury and comfort. Thanks to the grace of the lines and premium materials the new reader is incredibly pleasant to touch. The unique model is implemented in a warm color of milk chocolate.

PocketBook Touch Lux (Limited edition) is a reader for successful people, harmoniously combines grace and elegance.

PocketBook Touch Lux (Limited edition) - proven quality and wide functionality embodied in the superb design concept.