PocketBook represents world's first serial water-resistant E Ink reader!

4 March 2014

PocketBook will introduce world's first serial water-resistant and dustproof E Ink reader PocketBook Aqua. The device will be first shown at  Salon du Livre, which will be held in Paris on March 21-24, 2014.

According to the international classification system, PocketBook Aqua has IP57 (Ingress Protection) rating. It means that PocketBook Aqua is dustproof and can be immersed into water to a one meter depth.

The new device can be used under any weather conditions, can be hold with wet hands. It is also dust-proof, so the sand or any other dirt will not affect its work.

The fans of active rest have an opportunity to take a new reader with them even to the most extreme places. At the same time those, who prefer to spend time more quietly are able to enjoy reading while lying on the beach, by the pool or taking a relaxing bath with no concern of damaging PocketBook Aqua.

The new reader has E Ink Pearl display based on the Film Touch technology. The unique properties of E Ink screen give an opportunity to read favorite books, even during the sunniest day. E Ink display does not "glare" and "fade" in the sun.

Enjoy the roar of the surf and the fresh sea breeze, lying in a chaise longue by the sea - a drop of salt water on your reader will no longer cause it any harm.

Powerful 1GHz CPU and 256MB of RAM provide smooth and fast response of any application. The new reader also has 4GB flash memory.

Access to the Internet via built-in Wi-Fi opens limitless opportunities not only for reading, but also for social networking with a pre-installed ReadRate service. Dropbox and Send to PocketBook services allow you to synchronize and transfer content to the device without connecting to a PC.

The new water-resistant and dustproof reader weighs only 170 grams.

PocketBook Aqua - a reliable companion to let you read anytime, anywhere!