PocketBook InkPad and PocketBook InkPad 2 receive a significant update

22 May 2019

PocketBook released a new firmware version 5.20.706 for two classic models: PocketBook InkPad and PocketBook InkPad 2. The update optimizes the speed of e-readers, adds CBR and CBZ book formats (for comic books), upgrades device’ browser, provides new options for working with notes and restores Dropbox service, etc.   

Taking care of users, PocketBook not only develops new e-readers but also releases software updates for previous models. This time the upgrade has touched PocketBook InkPad and PocketBook InkPad 2 – two models with a large 7.8 inch diagonal and a broad set of functions.    


The new firmware provides users with a bunch of new options to make a reading process more convenient:

  • First, a new PocketBook Reader application, which was designed to improve the reading process. Thanks to this update, a book opening and paging speed of your e-reader will be increased significantlyе.  
  • The changes also affected the e-reader' browser. The new web engine meets all modern requirements supporting major WEB technologies such as HTML5, Java Script, CSS3 and others. Thanks to the new engine, the pages are loading faster, and web surfing has become much more convenient and pleasant.
  • The new firmware also replenishes PocketBook InkPad and PocketBook InkPad 2 arsenal with two new book formats – CBR and CBZ. Of course, in the first place, this news is essential for fans of comics, as CBR and CBZ allow you to read graphic novels via your favorite e-reader.
  • For the convenience of users, PocketBook InkPad and PocketBook InkPad 2 support the Dropbox service, which will simplify the management and downloading of files.
  • The firmware 5.20.706 allows users to control the brightness of the screen with gestures, without interrupting the reading process. 
  • In addition, users also receive more options to work with notes. Now you can create a list of the books that contain notes, review these notes, rename them, add or edit comments to these notes, export and import them. Imported notes can be opened and reviewed via any electronic device, including PC.
  • Updates also affected PocketBook Cloud. Thanks to synchronization, you can continue reading from the same page, with the same bookmarks and notes regardless of the gadget you use (E Ink e-readers, Android, iOS or PC).

This latest update was called to make your reading process even better, so don’t forget to upgrade your PocketBook InkPad or PocketBook InkPad 2 and experience new skills of your favorite e-reader.