PocketBook B2B Cloud Solution – an open environment for reading “on demand”

2 April 2015

PocketBook presents PocketBook B2B Cloud Solution – the full variety of services required by online content-stores and book-store chains, which gives unique opportunities to end-users.

At current stage of development e-readers already provide ultimate comfort of reading. The user needs more – further comfort at all stages of interaction with the content, which means - convenient purchase, delivery to a device, and, of course,  reading. Such a level of comfort may be provided by an ecosystem in which an e-reader, other devices, bookstore and various on-line services will be integrated. PocketBook B2B Cloud Solution will serve as the basis for the creation of such ecosystems.

Such a solution created by PocketBook provides most flexible environment for the best e-reading experience open for all potential partners.

PocketBook B2B Cloud Solution offers a white label development and customization of an e-book store or a recommendation online service. This option enables to integrate partner’s brand, content and even color theme. Also PocketBook proposes development of a fully-customized reading application with partner’s content both for Android and iOS. An e-reading application developed by PocketBook provides an extreme level of e-reading comfort with its multiple formats support, variety of settings and communication opportunities such as creating and sharing notes.

Of cause nowadays the question of content safety is one of the most vital. PocketBook B2B Cloud Solution will offer the highest level of data security by means of using Adobe DRM standard.

PocketBook also provides the full range of E Ink e-readers customization which includes box and device’s branding and full software customization with splashscreens, bookstore apps, social service apps etc. Which means a partner gets the customized e-reader as a new product for new business opportunities.

PocketBook B2B Cloud Solution ensures partners with a wide range of opportunities to increase sales. The opportunity of purchasing from mobile devices will become the new convenient way of content sales. The push notification messages with content recommendations sent to e-readers, stand as an efficient promotion tool. Another unique opportunity is collecting anonymous user statistics from PocketBook e-readers for further analysis and business planning.

"PocketBook B2B Cloud Solution aims to increase e-reading comfort. It is based on five milestones: the focus is made on openness, which clearly distinguishes PocketBook B2B Cloud Solution from existing ecosystems. Also we focus on independence and individual approach. Additionally, we stress on such values as efficiency and diversity, which represent our view for the reasonable requirements of the modern book market. PocketBook wants all stakeholders, from publishers and booksellers to end-customers, achieve a viable and future-proof concept, which meets all the demands of modern e-reading market",  – said Enrico Müller CEO of PocketBook Readers GmbH.

One of partners  to take part in PocketBook B2B Cloud Solution is Umbreit with whom PocketBook has now more than 3 years of close and fruitful cooperation. CEO of Umbreit Clemens Birk is sure that PocketBook is the right partner in e-book business. "Providing its services Umbreit always puts in foreground the individuality of every single bookstore. Therefore, PocketBook’s approach with their open ecosystem coincides perfectly with our corporate philosophy", – Mr. Birk summarizes the similarities between the two companies.

The cloud is absolutely free for end-users and alongside it provides an unprecedented level of e-reading comfort and safety. Using PocketBook B2B Cloud Solution allows the readers synchronize multiple devices – smartphones, tablets and laptops in a single eco-system. This guarantees syncing of a reading position, notes and bookmarks made at any device. The cloud also provides automatic synchronization of newly bought e-books which appears in a cloud in PDF and ePUB formats to be easily uploaded to any device. Users also achieve their own convenient library management tools.

With PocketBook B2B Cloud Solution buying, storing and reading of e-content from any device becomes comfortable and easy as never before.

PocketBook B2B Cloud Solution is a new opportunity for reading market players to innovate faster.