PocketBook Aqua exclusive ice-test

27 February 2015

Journalists of IT portal tested the dustproof and water-resistant E Ink e-reader PocketBook Aqua in freezer.

PocketBook Aqua users are already quite sure that even if they accidentally drop the e-reader into water or sand, nothing will happen to the device thanks to the IP 57 degree of protection. But experts decided to go ahead and check whether the e-reader will survive severe frosts. They put PocketBook Aqua into a container with water and placed it into a freezer at – 25C for 16 hours. In the morning the block of ice with PocketBook Aqua inside, was left for 5 hours of natural defrost at room temperature. 

16 hours in a block of ice in the freezer at a temperature of – 25 C caused the e-reader absolutely no harm.

According to the expert of the test confirmed that PocketBook Aqua is not only dust and water proof but is low temperature adapted.