Firmware update for PocketBook Aqua 2

10 June 2019

Long awaited update for PocketBook Aqua 2 is finally released! A new firmware version 5.20.797 brings significant improvements to your e-reader, including better and faster web browser, upgraded and more convenient Notes application, Reading program update, new formats for comic books reading and lots of other major improvements.

There is no doubt that PocketBook Aqua 2 is an excellent e-reader with a vast number of functions, water resistance, and modern E Ink screen. However, PocketBook never gives up an opportunity to make its devices even better. Hence, a new firmware version 5.20.797 was developed to upgrade your PocketBook Aqua 2 e-reader:    

  • PocketBook Reading program has become even more convenient and faster. First, a book opening and page-turning speed is increased. The user will also receive several new options for working with text, including better screenshot tool.
  • Redesigned Notes application extends reader's opportunities of working with notes. A user can now see the list of the books with notes, manage these notes in different ways (review, rename, add some comments, import, export). Besides, a user’s notes will be available via every synchronised device, including Android and iOS smartphones or PC.  
  • Updated Browser received a better web engine and a new user interface, which will affect the web surfing process in a positive way. Thanks to the new engine, which meets all the latest requirements supporting major WEB technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, the web pages opening speed will be significantly increased. Users can now also download web pages right from the Browser to read them offline later. 
  • Out now, it is possible to read favourite comic books on PocketBook Aqua 2. This firmware version adds two new book formats - CBR, and CBZ. It will allow users to read graphic novels on PocketBook Aqua 2 as convenient as possible. 
  • Thanks to PocketBook Cloud, you can continue to read your book from the same page using different devices, but now it is also possible to synchronise all your bookmarks and notes. In other words, it is possible to find the note you've made on your PocketBook while reading on a smartphone, tablet, or PC. 

Of course, this list of updates and improvements is not full, so download firmware version 5.20.797 and rediscover your improved PocketBook Aqua 2.