7 tips to make an e-reader a long liver

3 February 2015

E-readers have become increasingly popular. It’s not surprising, as such a small and lightweight device may store an entire library of several thousand of books. But as any other gadget, e-readers need to be treated with some certain care. We offer you some tips to extend the life of your beloved e-reader!

1. Protect the e-reader from accidental bumps and breaks. This piece of advice is of need for those who prefer reading on the go and often keeps e-reader in a pocket or bag. Protective accessories - hard cases and covers – will help to protect e-readers. And a screen protecting film will ensure screen’s safety. PocketBook has a premium e-reader which goes in set with a stylish cover designed together with KENZO fashion house. PocketBook Sense with KENZO cover is both - trendy and well protected.

2. At least once a week clean the screen with a soft cloth. Microfiber cloth suits this purpose best. You may also use alcohol-free wet napkins. Not so many people know that the screen surface can be damaged by contact with corrosive liquids – alcohol, acetone or other solvents. It’s also recommended to wipe the screen dry after using the wet napkin.

3. Refrain from reading in places with high humidity. Many people cannot resist the pleasure of reading, taking a relaxing bath. However, the steam can penetrate the device and condense, causing a breakage. Of course, it is not about a waterproof e-reader PocketBook Aqua, with this device you may safely dive up to 1 meter depth!

4. To ensure the long life of your e-reader’s battery it is recommended to charge an e-reader in a special way once right after the purchase. As soon as the e-reader inform you that the battery is low, turn it off and charge fully for 8-12 hours.

5. Avoid total discharge. Lithium-ion batteries do not have a so-called memory effect, so they do not need total discharge.

6. Keep the e-reader partially charged. The ideal conditions for long-term storage of a lithium-ion battery are – 30-50 percent charged and about 15° C.

7. Avoid overheating of the device - keep the e-reader away from direct sunlight and do not leave it in close to sources of heat such as electric heaters.

These simple rules will help you to keep the e-reader in perfect condition for long years of fascinating reading.