Massive update for PocketBook Touch Lux 3: your e-reader will become even smarter

5 March 2019

Brand-new books formats, more convenient reading application, modern browser for even faster web surfing and PocketBook Cloud for total synchronisation of your library. These are the most notable upgrades for the PocketBook Touch Lux 3, which will be available on March 4th with new firmware version 5.20.

Above all, the users will receive an opportunity to read even more books, because of the two new formats. Now your e-reader will even be able to display comic books, thanks to new supported formats, CBR and CBZ.

In addition, new updates will increase the speed of the browser, making it more convenient and up-to-date. The new browser will be quicker and user-friendly to all the newest websites, created with HTML 5, JavaScript and CSS 3 technologies. In other words, your web surfing experience via your PocketBook Touch Lux 3 is going to be much easier and more comfortable.

For instance, there will be functions such as a hint mechanism for entering an URL, an option of downloading and saving certain web pages, and a function of the information search on the opened web page, etc.

Moreover, the new PocketBook Reader app will speed up the book-opening process. It is also easier now to adjust and personalise some key settings of the app, including the level of brightness. And last but not least, the update makes it possible to synchronise not only your library but all your notes and bookmarks.

In other words, thanks to PocketBook Cloud you can continue reading your book with notes right from the page, where you have finished it, regardless of what device and operating system you used previously.    

PocketBook is always in search of improvements, to make your e-reading even more comfortable. So don’t forget to upgrade your PocketBook to make it even smarter.  

The equivalent upgrade soon will be available for PocketBook InkPad 2 and PocketBook Aqua 2.