• How to install the additional dictionaries on PocketBook?

    Additional dictionaries can be purchased at our official content-store www.bookland.com 

    Instruction for installing dictionaries at PocketBook Pro series.

    Instruction for installing dictionaries at PocketBook Basic and Touch series.

    Instruction for installing dictionaries at PocketBook with Android OS.

  • What password should I enter to install TTS?

    The file for the TTS package must have a .pbi extension. If you are requested to enter a password, it means the file you have downloaded has a .zip extension. In this case, we suggest you downloading the file with the help of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser. You may also change the file extension by resaving the file with «all files» type and renaming it with the .pbi in the end of its title.

  • Which SD cards are supported by device?

    The device is compatible with the micro SD and micro SD HC cards up to 32 GB, the speed class from 2 to 10. The card is to be inserted in accordance with the manual (depending on the model, the printed side should be turned up or down). Please make sure that the device is turned off before the SD card is inserted. Please use your fingernail to shove the card all the way into the slot until the card makes a clicking sound.

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