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  • 1.Can I browse the Internet with my PocketBook 301?
  • 2.Can I connect my PocketBook 301 and PocketBook 360 to a Wi-Fi, bluetooth or Ethernet network?
    No. PocketBook’s 301 and 360 models require a USB cable to connect to a computer. PocketBook 302 is equipped to connect to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Ethernet.
  • 3.Can I install additional software on my PocketBook?
    No, additional software can’t be installed on PocketBook.
  • 4.Can I listen to music or audio books with my PocketBook?
    Yes. Both PocketBook 301 and PocketBook 302 models are equipped with an MP3 player. You can listen to your favorite music even as you read an e-Book.
  • 5.Can I plug my PocketBook to other devices with USB-connection (keyboard, camera, mouse...)?
    No. It can be connected only to a PC or Mac computer.
  • 6.Can I read books in other languages (Russian, Chinese, Hebrew, Greek, …)?
    Yes. For books in Chinese or other languages which use an extensive number of characters, you will need to install your own font. For instructions on installing a new font, see number 7 above.
  • 7.Can I read my PocketBook in the dark?
    No, you can’t use your PocketBook in the dark because its E Ink® display does not have backlight. However, unlike standard LCD backlit displays, you can read your PocketBook in direct sunlight.
  • 8.Can I read PocketBook for a long time?
    Yes. Just like reading an ink-on-paper book, you can read your PocketBook from nearly any angle without glare and flickering. Its E-Ink® display offers paper-like, high contrast and resolution, reducing potential eyestrain. And you can use it in a wide range of lighting conditions, including direct sunlight.
  • 9.Can I read several books at the same time?
    Yes. You can read several books in different formats at the same time, switching from one to another.
  • 10.Can visually challenged readers use PocketBook ?
    Yes. The font size can be increased substantially to accommodate visually challenged readers.
  • 11.Do we ship to Australasia (Australia, NZ, Japan, Thailand, China)?
  • 12.Do we ship to Canada and Mexico?
  • 13.How can I charge my PocketBook?
    Your PocketBook uses a lithium polymer 1000 mAh battery located on the backside of the e-reader in a compartment fastened by one screw. Change the battery as needed. Batteries available at are recommended for use.

    Your PocketBook battery charges when connected by USB cable to your computer. Also, a USB charger can be used to recharge your battery
  • 14.How can I connect my PocketBook with my computer?
    Use a USB cable to connect your PocketBook to a PC or Mac. The computer will recognize your e-reader as an external hard drive or as two if you are using an SD memory card. With this connection, you will be able to input additional books and music into your e-reader.
  • 15.How do we ship?
    You can select UPS Ground or UPS Next Day Air; or USPS, Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box or Express Mail.
  • 16.How fast do we ship after we receive your order?
    From 30 minutes to 48 hours max
  • 17.How long does it take to deliver internationally?
    Regular (Expedited/Priority) service takes from six to 10 days; Express, two to three days.
  • 18.How long does it take to deliver within US?
    Regular (Ground/Priority) service takes from two to three days on the East Coast, and from to six to seven days on the West Coast. Nationally, Express service takes one to two days.
  • 19.How many books can I store in my PocketBook?
    You can store books in your e-reader’s internal memory or on an SD memory card. PocketBook models 301 and 360 have internal memory capacity of 512 Mb, enough for 2,000 standard books. With an SD memory card, capacity can expand to 32 Gb, about 150,000 books. PocketBook’s 302 model offers twice the internal memory capacity of PocketBook 301.
  • 20.How much does it cost to ship internationally (not Canada/Mexico)?
    The least expensive option is USPS Priority Medium Flat Rate, about $45.00 (U.S.).
  • 21.How much does it cost to ship to Canada and Mexico?
    The least expensive option is USPS Priority Medium Flat Rate, which costs approximately $29.90 (U.S) and takes three to four days.
  • 22.How much does PocketBook 301 weigh?
    PocketBook 301 weighs 6.13 ounces (174 grams)
    A standard paperback book weighs about 11 ounces (300 grams)
  • 23.How to install a new font on PocketBook?
    Connect your PocketBook to a computer using a USB cable and copy any TrueType font to PocketBook’s internal memory font folder.
  • 24.Is there a touchscreen or do I need a stylus for PocketBook 301?
    No stylus is needed. You control it with a single button. PocketBook 302 is equipped with a touchscreen and stylus.

  • 25.What happens when the batteries are completely discharged?
    Nothing. PocketBook retains your data in its internal memory or on an SD card.
  • 26.What is the dpi resolution of PocketBook’s display?
    The E-Ink® display has a 166 dpi resolution. By comparison, the resolution of a standard LCD computer screen ranges between 70 to 100 dpi.
  • 27.What types of memory cards can be used with my PocketBook 301?
    PocketBook 301 has an SD (Secure Digital) card slot that uses standard SD memory cards.
  • 28.Which E-Books formats are supported by PocketBook ?
  • 29.Which music formats are supported by PocketBook 301 and PocketBook 302?

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