PocketBook Pro 902

PocketBook E-Ink  screen

E-Ink technology makes reading with PocketBook Pro 902 much like reading an ink on paper book. The screen supports 16 shades of gray in reflecting light to display texts and illustrations.

Eye safety

E-Ink technology decreases potential eyestrain as it provides more stable images than flickering, conventional, flat panel displays.

Greater eye comfort

PocketBook Pro 902 offers a wide viewing angle and because the screen does not use backlight, it can be used in bright sunlight without images appearing to fade. As a set-up option, refresh without darkening the screen.

One charge performance

A single battery charge provides PocketBook Pro 902 with enough power to read 20 standard books, about 7000 page turns, or a month of two hours of daily reading without recharging.

Wi-Fi and Internet

Go online using PocketBook Pro 902. It will connect to the Web anywhere Wi-Fi is available, and will display all Internet pages suitable for E-Ink screens.


PocketBook 602 connects to Bluetooth support devices, such PCs and cell phones (for Internet connectivity and file transfer).

More book space

Your new PocketBook e-reader has two gigabytes of internal memory of which 860 Mb is taken by the system and 1,140 Mb is available for your storage, enabling storage for 3,000 e-books. Also, external microSD and microSDHC memory cards support up to 32 gigabytes.

Adobe PDF Reader

New model PocketBook e-readers feature adapted Adobe software to support e-books with DRM (EPUB and PDF files with copyright protection).


Ready to use

You can begin to use your e-reader right away. All essential functions are factory installed so there is no need for a computer or additional software.

Innovative PocketBook software

PocketBook International strives to improve its products. Upgrades are issued quarterly and are easy to install. New firmware features a main menu able to customize functions to reflect an individual reader’s usage and preferences.

Book search

Enter an author’s name or book title and your e-reader displays all e-books related to the inquiry.

BookLand.net, the world’s content store

Find the e-book you want at www.BookLand.net, a content store that offers an extensive, ever-expanding library of titles. Purchase PocketBook Pro 602, get $30 credit on Bookland.

Free Books

PocketBook Pro 902 is equipped with a thousand free books. Additionally, more than 30,000 free, public domain books available at www.BookLand.net can be downloaded in 59 languages.


PocketBook is the first e-reader with the capacity to support text-to-speech in 26 languages.

Notes and Bookmarks

Mark text of interest to revisit or highlight a passage and copy it to your notes list. There is no limit to the number of notes and bookmarks you can create.

Active content

Open an e-book’s table of contents and the bookmarks and notes that you have created will be displayed.



An MP3 player is built into PocketBook Pro 902. Listen to an audio-book or read while listening to your favorite music.

* The specification and product color may be changed without notice and may be varied from images on this site.

Read your books and listen to your music with PocketBook

PocketBook 360 разные форматыImagine a book, that you can not only read, but listen to as well! PocketBook understands 11 most popular e-book formats: PDF, RTF, FB2, Docx, TXT, HTML, DJVU, CHM, PRC, EPUB, DOC, TCR, including DRM .epub files. You won’t have to search for one specific format or convert your files to it – our PocketBook read them all. MP3 player won’t give you a chance to be bored, even if you are tired of reading. Read and listen with comfort!

How to increase your memory

If you use your device not only as reader but as a music player or data storage, you’d be willing to increase the memory of your device for your additional comfort. This PB model supports SD memory cards with up to 32 Gb capacity. Note that reading and wriging on and form the card would not impact the reader’s performance at all.

How to upgrade your firmware

It is very easy to upgrade your firmware with PocketBook. All you need to do is download the firmware upgrade file form one of our website, unzip it (if it is in archive), copy it to the root of your Memory SD card and read the steps to install it in the installation manual that would be in the same archive.

Data transfer

Transferring data to and from the device is more than simple – connecting to your PC would be enough to copy/paste books or music files to the appropriate folder. User Manual gives more detailed description how to transfer data with PB 301.

What is in the box

— PocketBook Pro 902
— Micro-USB cable
— Quick Start Guide in 26 languages
— Warranty Coupon
— Protective pouch

You can also choose additional accessories that are not included in the box:

Cover 9" FXN Leather PU black

The Winner cover represents tranquility and calm even if the world of books you have created within boils with passion and emotion.

The Winner Series covers represent a reserved style of business accessories. The classical design of a book binding looks appropriate in any situation. When closed, the cover top lies neatly on clips without touching the device. The magnetic button of the buckle reliably prevents accidental opening of the cover. The interior is finished with lush black velour, perfectly emphasizing the elegance of your reader.

Size: 275x434x21,7mm

Weight: 371 g
Color: black

Cover 9" FXN Leather PU brown

Size: 191,5x310,5x 21,7mm

Universal Charger

A universal charger is a reliable assistant during work and an invariable companion when on vacation!

This universal charger is equipped with a USB plug. Now you don’t need a computer or laptop to charge your reader. The charger plug is protected with a strong plastic cover, eliminating the possibility of damage.

Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 82х25х19,5 mm
Weight: 41g
Voltage Input: 100-240V~50/60Hz, 0.15 A; Output: 5V, 1A


9,7" (24,63 cm)
Screen material
Shades of gray
16 pictures/4 text
Samsung® 533 MHz
Operative memory
256 MB
Flash memory
2 GB (860 Mb is taken by the system)
Li-Polymer (1530 mAh), 7000 pages
Wireless connectivity
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth
microUSB (12Mb/s)
External memory slot
Audio Out
3.5 mm, built-in speakers
Formats of e-books
Formats of images
Formats of audio
Additional features
Text-to-Speech, Dictionaries, Widgets, Internet Browser, Audio Player
Casing material
Front panel - plastic, back panel - metal
Dark Grey, White
263 х 190,3 х 11 mm
530 g