PocketBook 360 Plus

The PocketBook 360 Plus is an updated version of the PocketBook 360, featured with more powerful processor and Wi-Fi Internet access.

The PocketBook 360 Plus is ideal for travelling. Its small size and hard screen cover make it perfect to carry in your pocket.


The PocketBook 360 Plus comes with a new processor and twice extended operating memory. In addition, the page flip speed is doubled because the screen mode update doesn’t use blackout*. To test the PocketBook 360 Plus’ performance, we conducted an experiment in which we successfully ran the game Doom. Check it out proceeding the link.

Wi-Fi & Internet

The Pocketbook 360 Plus provides you with wireless freedom to surf the Internet and browse most of Web pages. In addition, its RSS reader lets you add news feeds. A built-in Wi-Fi module, RSS reader, and mini Internet browser supported by Java technology make it all possible.

More & more books…

2 Gb of extended flash memory, which actually uses only 1.4 Gb of the space, allows the PocketBook 360 Plus to store up to 4,000 books. In addition, a micro SD slot and micro SDHC slot can increase the memory up to 32 Gb.

E-Ink display

Thanks to E-ink technology, the e-Reading experience is virtually identical to reading ink on paper. The screen displays texts and illustrations in 16 shades of gray, providing an easy-on-the eyes experience. Unlike LCD screens which can flicker and cause eye strain, you can enjoy reading the Pocketbook 360 Plus with no harm to your eyesight.

The high resolution 5” screen (200dpi) delivers a high contrast sharp image, wide angle of visibility, and no patches of reflected light. Plus, it’s simple to change the text size and font.

Battery life

A single battery charge delivers enough power to  read about 10 books -- about 8,000 page flips or one month -- without recharging the battery.

Adobe PDF Reader

The PocketBook 360 Plus uses Adobe software adapted exclusively for PocketBook International. This app makes it possible to open protected files in EPUB and PDF formats. In addition, it allows you to read DRM protected files. 

Easy to use

PocketBook 360 в руках     

The PocketBook 360 Plus arrives completely ready for use with all of its functions built in. There’s no need for any additional devices, a PC or software installation.


Pocketbook International constantly improves its products and increases the number of available features and functions. This model includes all of the latest updates and newly developed functions, increasing its functionality and effectiveness and making the reading experience more enjoyable.

The formats

All Pocketbook devices support almost all current file formats for e-books: EPUB DRM, PDF DRM, HTML, DJVU, RTF, TXT, PRC, CHM, DOC, TCR, FB2, FB2.ZIP.


Using your eReader to find and purchase a book is really easy at PocketBook’s own book store,  BookLand.net.

Comments and Bookmarks
This innovative feature lets you mark the text, copy, and save it in a notes archive. You can make an unlimited number of notes and bookmarks in each book

Active  content


Thanks to this unique feature, you can instantly access and view your notes and bookmarks without leaving the book you’re reading.



PocketBook 360 разные форматы

One of the most prominent features of PB360 is support of maximum possible text formats: FB2, TXT, PDF, DJVU, RTF, HTML, PRC, CHM, DOC, Docx, TCR, FB2.ZIP and EPUB, including DRM, plus image formats JPEG, BMP, GIF. You won’t have to search for one specific format or convert your files to it – our PocketBook read them all. All you need to do is to download your book or song then copy/paste your files to the device. What can be easier than that?

How to increase your memory

If you use your device not only as reader but as a music player or data storage, you’d be willing to increase the memory of your device for your additional comfort. This PB model supports SD memory cards with up to 32 Gb capacity. Note that reading and wriging on and form the card would not impact the reader’s performance at all.

How to upgrade your firmware

It is very easy to upgrade your firmware with PocketBook 360. All you need to do is download the firmware upgrade file form one of our website, unzip it (if it is in archive), copy it to the root of your Memory SD card and read the steps to install it in the installation manual that would be in the same archive.

Data transfer

Transferring data to and from the device is more than simple – connecting to your PC would be enough to copy/paste books or music files to the appropriate folder. User Manual gives more detailed description how to transfer data with PB 360.

What’s in the box PocketBook 360° Plus

- PocketBook 360° Plus
- hard protective lid
- USB-cable
- Quick start
- warranty sheet

You can also choose additional accessories that are not included in the box:

Universal Charger

A universal charger is a reliable assistant during work and an invariable companion when on vacation!

This universal charger is equipped with a USB plug. Now you don’t need a computer or laptop to charge your reader. The charger plug is protected with a strong plastic cover, eliminating the possibility of damage.

Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 82х25х19,5 mm
Weight: 41g
Voltage Input: 100-240V~50/60Hz, 0.15 A; Output: 5V, 1A


5" (12,7 cm) Eink® Vizplex, 200 dpi, 800x600
Screen material
Shades of gray
16 pictures/4 text
FreeScale i.MX35 ARM11 533MHz
Operative memory
128 МB
Flash memory
2048 MB (1,5GB available fo user)
Li-Polymer (1000 mAh), 8000 pages
Wireless connectivity
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
miniUSB (12Mb/s)
External memory slot
Audio Out
No Audio
Formats of e-books
Formats of images
Additional features
Browser, Rss-reader
black, ivory
146,2х123,2х13,8 mm
180 g