Feel the comfort of wireless technologies with PocketBook 302. Download ebooks and read RSS-subscriptions from 6-inch sensor screen everywhere, where there is wireless internet. Flip pages with your fingers natural flipping movement, as with the plain paper book. More freedom means more reading.

New display E Ink

PocketBook 302 is the first PB model with sensor 6-inch e-Ink screen with 800x600 dpi. Just as the previous model, PB360, PocketBook 302 is equipped with the accelerometer, allowing changing page orientation automatically from portrait to landscape and back.


Embeded Bluetooth module allows connecting not only other wireless devices to PocketBook 302, but also surf Internet with the help of the connected cell phone, which is very handy when you’re out of wi-fi covered location.

Touch Screen

Controlling your device with easy touch of your finger or a stylus can’t be easier than with PocketBook 302. Plus, the touchscreen allows a new feature - drawing function was added to the function list – you can make your sketches with stylus or your finger directly on the screen of your reader. 

Read more, forget about recharging

PocketBook 602 is equipped with an enhanced Li-Polymer (2000 mAh) battery, that provides for more than 16,000 page flips without re-charging. It is difficult to imagine but PocketBook lets you virtually forget about recharging. Now you can read more and longer!

Music Player

You can listen to your favorite music together with heroes of your books. Create your own ambience and mood, that suits your reading most of all. Dive into the atmosphere of books you read and get more emotions from your reading.


If you liked a certain phrase or saying of one of a book’s hero, or just a thought of an author, PocketBook will remember it for you! Quatations or bookmarks can be saved in a NoteBook. They would be always with you and you can come back to them any time you wish, not flipping through half of the book.

Micro SD memory cards

These small memory cards are used now instead of the full-sized SD-cards. You can use either regular MicroSD or MicroSDHC, with capacity up to 32 Gygabites. Most of modern cell phones support this format of memory cards, so you can easily swap your cards between your mobile devices.

Books for free!

When you purchase PocketBook, you receive books for each and every taste. 25,000 titles, from classic authors to modern fiction, plus different magazines, are available for downloading. Bookshelves of “BookLand” are being updated continiously.

More books and more music

Your mobile library will become even larger with PocketBook 602. 1 Gygabite of internal memory allows plus support of expandable memory up to 64 Gigs open virtually limitless capabilities for storage of your books and music.



PocketBook 601 works with the following electronic book formats: FB2, FB2.ZIP, TXT, PDF, Docx, DJVU, RTF, HTML, PRC, CHM, EPUB, DOC, TCR. Plus it can show pictures in JPEG, BMP, PNG, and TIFF.

How to increase your memory

If you use your device not only as reader but as a music player or data storage, you’d be willing to increase the memory of your device for your additional comfort. This PB model supports SD memory cards with up to 32 Gb capacity. Note that reading and wriging on and form the card would not impact the reader’s performance at all.

How to upgrade your firmware

It is very easy to upgrade your firmware with PocketBook 360. All you need to do is download the firmware upgrade file form one of our website, unzip it (if it is in archive), copy it to the root of your Memory SD card and read the steps to install it in the installation manual that would be in the same archive.

Data transfer

Transferring data to and from the device is more than simple – connecting to your PC would be enough to copy/paste books or music files to the appropriate folder. User Manual gives more detailed description how to transfer data with PB 360.


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