PocketBook 301

Choosing PocketBook 301, you choose your reading comfort, above all. Right after you get your hands on it, you realize that it may become the best alternative to good old paper books. Its display looks like a plain paper and the simplicity and intuitiveness of controls won’t be a problem even for those who does not know computers well.

Unlike regular paperbacks and hardcovers, PocketBook would never end up on the shelf, because you’d always find something to read it it. This is a universal mobile library, whith books for every taste. Endulge yourself in the world of comfortable reading and read your books a new way!

New generation display looks like plain paper  
PocketBook E-Ink


Unlike reading on a regular computer monitor, cell phone or palm device, your eyes don’t strain when you read on PocketBook 301+. This new display uses e-Ink technology, allowing reading jast as like on plain paper. With 16 shades of grey, reading becomes comfortable as it never has been!

Up to 30 days of intensive reading

PocketBook is equipped with powerful 1000 mAh Li-Polymer accumulator, allowing to read more than 8,000 pages on one charge. This would be long enough not to worry about rechaging going on vacation or a business trip.


If you liked a certain phrase or saying of one of a book’s hero, or just a thought of an author, PocketBook will remember it for you! Quatations or bookmarks can be saved in a NoteBook. They would be always with you and you can come back to them any time you wish, not flipping through half of the book.

Books for free!

When you purchase PocketBook, you receive books for each and every taste. 25,000 titles, from classic authors to modern fiction, plus different magazines, are available for downloading. Bookshelves of “Bookland” are being updated continiously.

* The specification and product color may be changed without notice and may be varied from images on this site.

Read your books and listen to your music with PocketBook 301+

PocketBook 360 разные форматыImagine a book, that you can not only read, but listen to as well! PocketBook 301 understands 11 most popular e-book formats: PDF, RTF, FB2, TXT, HTML, Docx, DJVU, CHM, PRC, EPUB, DOC, TCR, including DRM .epub files. You won’t have to search for one specific format or convert your files to it – our PocketBook read them all. MP3 player won’t give you a chance to be bored, even if you are tired of reading. Read and listen with comfort!

How to increase your memory

If you use your device not only as reader but as a music player or data storage, you’d be willing to increase the memory of your device for your additional comfort. This PB model supports SD memory cards with up to 32 Gb capacity. Note that reading and wriging on and form the card would not impact the reader’s performance at all.

How to upgrade your firmware

It is very easy to upgrade your firmware with PocketBook 301. All you need to do is download the firmware upgrade file form one of our website, unzip it (if it is in archive), copy it to the root of your Memory SD card and read the steps to install it in the installation manual that would be in the same archive.

Data transfer

Transferring data to and from the device is more than simple – connecting to your PC would be enough to copy/paste books or music files to the appropriate folder. User Manual gives more detailed description how to transfer data with PB 301.

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Whats in the bow PocketBook 301 Elit

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What’s in the box PocketBook 301 Standard

- PocketBook 301 Standard
- USB-cable
- Cover

Prices, warranty periods and accessories may be different for different markets.
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What’s in the box PocketBook 301 Comfort

- PocketBook 301 Comfort
- USB-cable
- User Manual
- Warranty
- softer Cover
- Wall Charger
- 2 Gb Memory SD card
- 2.5mm earphones
- wrist leash.

Prices, warranty periods and accessories may be different for different market.
Screen material
Shades of gray
16 pictures/4 text
Samsung® S3C2440 400MHz
Operative memory
64 MB
Flash memory
512 MB
Li-Polymer (1000 mAh), 8000 pages
Wireless connectivity
miniUSB (12Mb/s)
External memory slot
Audio Out
2.5mm stereo
Formats of e-books
Formats of images
Formats of audio
Additional features
Sensor buttons
Casing material
black, grey, pink, green
118 x 188 x 8,5 mm
174 g