PocketBook Ultra - more than an e-reader!

21 May 2014

PocketBook represents the first serial E Ink e-reader with a built-in camera – PocketBook Ultra.

Designed in a unique way, compact e-reader will provide maximum advantages: photo camera, LED frontlight, built-in magnets to lock the cover – not a complete list of the unique features of the e-reader.

PocketBook Ultra – the proven quality and comfort in a new guise. Minimum margins around the screen and its compact size make PocketBook Ultra especially elegant. The new 6-inch e-reader is 162.7x106,7x7,9 mm and weighs only 175 grams. Paging buttons at the rear panel allow to use the entire surface of the e-reader efficiently and give the user more options of holding the device.

The new PocketBook interface, first used in Ultra, was designed to make using the e-reader even more convenient. Main page which is loaded when the device is switched on is now a library. Books are placed in the order of demand – current books and recently downloaded content are on the top. Active zones in the lower and upper parts of the screen allow to access the main menu quickly. Additionally, notification services have been redesigned and are now more informative and comfortable.

There is a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus at the backside of PocketBook Ultra. Built-in LED flash allows to make high-quality images regardless of lighting. Pictures can be used as screen savers for the device and transmitted to a PC, the bright color photos will become good addition to the family archive. Preinstalled application can recognize text and convert it into editable formats. The availability of scanning and recognition of printed text is particularly useful in learning and working with documents. With the camera and the preinstalled software PocketBook Ultra can also read and recognize bar and QR codes.

The e-reader is equipped with a display of the new generation E Ink Carta™ with HD resolution 1024 x 758 pixels and 212 dpi. LED frontlight helps to enjoy reading, even in low light conditions due to the new interface it’s even more convenient to adjust brightness.

The new e-reader supports more than 20 popular text and image formats, and also contains a set of preinstalled ABBYY Lingvo® dictionaries. 4GB of internal memory and a slot for microSD cards allow to keep a whole library at the fingertips, while a powerful 1 GHz processor and 512 MB of RAM provide smooth and rapid page turn.

With new PocketBook Ultra it is also possible to listen to favorite music in MP3. The device supports Text-to-Speech, and the e-reader can read books in the set of languages. Access to the Internet via built-in Wi-Fi opens up opportunities for social networking via ReadRate service, and preinstalled Dropbox and “Send to PocketBook” allow to transfer content to the device without connecting to a PC.

PocketBook Ultra will be available in three colors – emerald, white and dark brown.

Feel the unique combination of sophisticated style and modern functionality. PocketBook Ultra - more than just an e-reader.