PocketBook Touch announced as Test Winner by German magazine Tablet PC

June 20, 2012

A famous German IT-periodical Tablet PC has published test results of the best four e-readers with multisensor displays. These models were chosen by magazine’s competent experts among those being sold on European market. The devices’ evaluation was made in three categories: best usage experience, display quality and software/hardware quality. As a result, PocketBook Touch won the first place with the best average score 1.2 points.

Tablet PC specialists hold an evaluation of the best existing devices with multisensor displays within European market and reviewed the best four of them at the final test. Those were Amazon Kindle Touch, eLyricon EBX-61OT.E-Ink, PocketBook Touch and iconbit HDB700Touch. The devices were graded in three categories by level of their importance: best usage experience (40%), display quality (30%) and software/hardware quality (30%).

PocketBook Touch, designed by Obreey Products, shared its leadership in first two categories with Kindle Touch and confidently won the third one of software and hardware quality.

In their short review the experts marked out PocketBook Touch for its display high quality and intuitiveness of use. In an additional “Price/Quality” category the device was awarded “Good-Very Good”.

As a test result PocketBook Touch was nominated by Tablet PC editorial board as “Test Winner”.

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