Global market of e-readers increased by 20%

5 March 2015

Global market of E Ink e-readers shows a positive trend. According to PocketBook, in 2014 sales of e-readers in Europe increased by 30-40% in comparison with 2013. The world market growth rate was 20%.

Having analyzed the global market, PocketBook also identifies several key trends in 2015.

1. The average price will not decrease

The technology developed at the moment is conventional. In the nearest future, hardware part of devices will not change significantly. This means that no significant changes in pricing policy should be expected.

2. Focus on services

The development of the software is getting more and more important. In 2015 main efforts of developers will be focused on creating applications and services for maximum user convenience.

3. Ecosystems and cloud solutions

Today E Ink e-reader already provides comfortable reading. The user needs more - comfort at all stages of interaction with the content, which means - convenient purchase and delivery to a device, content storage, and of course using. Such a comfort can be provided by an ecosystem with integrated e-reader, other devices, content-store, various on-line services for readers, etc. Cloud technology will serve as the basis for the creation of such ecosystems.

Based on the above, we can derive a general global trend - the development of electronic content’s consumption comfort. Positive changes will be appreciated by domestic consumers as well, because the number of readers willing to pay for content is increasing every year. According to GFK Ukraine in 2014, 3% of Ukrainians bought books online, and in 2013 the figure was only 1%. These statistics confirm that Ukrainians are ready to follow world trends of e-reading.

The growth of popularity of electronic content is natural and expected. People have realized the high level of comfort e-reading provides. E Ink e-readers open opportunities for limitless reading day-and-night long with their low power consumption anti-glare displays and frontlight.