PocketBook InkPad – 8 inches of delight day and night long!

21 May 2014

PocketBook presents PocketBook InkPadan 8-inch E Ink premium e-reader with LED frontlight for the most comfortable reading day and night long.

Due to the screen size PocketBook InkPad allows to see more information at a single page - you can easily make the font larger and turn pages frequently. PocketBook InkPad - the best choice for reading literature, periodicals, work with graphs and tables, including PDF and Djvu. With the new PocketBook InkPad one can comfortably read at work as well as at home. School and college students will appreciate the electronic e-reader of this format because the 8-inch screen is the closest one to a standard textbook size.

PocketBook InkPad screen is based on E Ink Pearl technology and has the highest screen resolution for such devices - 1600x1200 pixels. High resolution allows you to adjust the font size from the minimum to the maximum without losing definition. Exceptional image clarity will provide a special comfort of reading and the ability of E Ink screens to use only reflected light will make reading perfectly safe for eyes.

The new e-reader is performed in new design – smooth monolithic front panel of brushed anti-reflective material provides luster and elegance. A rubberized band with turn page buttons on the right of the screen makes the device more convenient and also highlights its elegant style. Dimensions are 162.8 x 195.5 mm and the width of the device is just 7.3 mm.

PocketBook InkPad harmoniously combines various features to provide unique opportunities for comfortable reading under any conditions. LED frontight allows to read under any lighting. It’s easy to control frontlight with a special sensory area located above the screen, which eliminates the need to use the on-screen menu.

A powerful 1GHz CPU and 512MB of RAM provide smooth pages turning and stable use of any application. 4 GB of internal memory expandable up to 32 GB will allow to collect a real library, which is always at your fingertips. Capacious 2500 mAh battery provides weeks without recharging.

Text-To-Speech, as well as MP3 support allows to listen to your favorite books and other audio files while built-in ABBYY Lingvo dictionaries are invaluable in the study of foreign languages. Built-in Wi-Fi opens up limitless opportunities to discuss favorite books in social networks using ReadRate and integrated Dropbox, Send to PocketBook and PocketBook Sync services will allow you to synchronize and transfer content to the device without connecting to a PC.

PocketBook InkPad – is a unique combination of sophisticated design and high-end features that will turn your reading into pleasure.