New “Film Touch” reading experience with PocketBook Basic Touch

10 Septembre 2013

PocketBook will be the first company in the world to implement capacitive multi-sensor FILM TOUCH screens on its devices!

At IFA 2013 PocketBook will present its latest model PocketBook Basic Touch – a new addition to PocketBook Touch line.

PocketBook Basic Touch comes with “Film Touch” technology, which offers higher touch sensitivity with minimal thickness, which is important to achieve a more paper-like reading experience!

The new PocketBook Basic Touch promises smoother page turns and higher performance to make the best out of your reading experience with its new powerful CPU and extended Mobile SDRAM.

PocketBook Basic Touch also introduces “Dropbox” integration, a service which allows you to easily update your eReader’s library by automatically synchronizing the files available on your Dropbox account, no wires or software needed.

PocketBook Basic Touch uses a modern user interface and multi-sensor touch controls as well as hardware paging buttons to make sure it gives everything you need for a comfortable reading experience.

The new eReader is equipped with a 6 inch E Ink Pearl display, 4 GB of internal memory and has Micro SD card slot (up to 32 Gb).

A wireless built-in Wi-Fi module opens limitless opportunities not only for surfing the Internet but staying connected and sharing your reading experience with your friends and family over social networks with the new ReadRate service.

The new slim and stylish PocketBook Basic Touch offers you an outstanding sense of comfort and pleasure.