PocketBook Announces World's First Color E Ink Screen Reader with Frontlight

November 13, 2012

PocketBook International S.A. has officially confirmed its engineering of the world's first reader with a color 8-inch E Ink Triton second generation display with frontlight.

Previous devices with similar screens deprived of such frontlight function had less bright and contrasting colors compared to the new PocketBook reader.

Recall that device’s prototype has already been successfully presented at the international IFA 2012 exhibition and achieved a lot of positive reviews.

The screen is made according to electronic ink technology –which is not only eye safe but also much more energy efficient compared to similar TFT-based solutions (up to one month of battery life, depending on usage).


8 inches (20.32 cm)

Color Depth

4096 colors

The aspect ratio



600x800 pixels

Touch screen

Capacitive touch screen (multi-touch)


New PocketBook reader will especially appeal to those who like reading magazines in PDF, as well as to those who deal with tables and graphs. It will be much easier to turn over magazine spreads, analyze charts and deal with any technical literature. The traditional PocketBook "omnivory" of any book formats allow you to open virtually any document.

Special sensory area upon a display - the first time implemented in such type of devices innovation –needs to be stressed upon. This area responds to touch, which lets you control the frontlight without rummaging in menus. Thus, all night reading fans will now be able to control the intensity of light just softly touching product’s frame.

The new reader with a color E Ink screen and frontlight is expected to enter the CIS market in June 2013, according to PocketBook International S.A. forecasts.

Watch for announcements of the company to keep abreast of the latest news, and enjoy your reading!