Test the updated version of PocketBook Reader application!

5 October 2018

PocketBook invites everyone to test the new unpublished version of PocketBook Reader application.

PocketBook is about to release an update of PocketBook Reader application – epub, fb2, pdf books reader. Before the official release of the updated version everyone has opportunity to take part in its enhancement. If you agree to give us your feedback, please, take two steps:

  1. Follow the link on Google Play. If the application PocketBook Reader is already installed on your device, please press “Update” button.  If you don’t have the PocketBook Reader installed, please, download it from Google Play and update it.
  2. Send your impressions and suggestions on %20julia [dot] pavlichenko [at] obreey-products [dot] com (e-mail).

Please, note that the unpublished version may appear after some time. It may also be unstable.

To install the public version when it’s available, you would need to remove the beta version and install the application once again from Google Play.